Arial view of Toy Locker, LLC storage facility

Tallest Storage Units in New Hampshire

At 16-feet tall, Toy Locker, LLC offers the tallest personal storage units in New Hampshire. These storage units perfect for RVs and boats. Contact us for leasing and availability.

Discover Our Premium RV & Boat Storage Solutions

Enjoy a bird's-eye view of our beautiful storage facility nestled amidst mountains and trees of New Hampshire. Our drone footage captures the serene and secure environment perfect for storing your RVs and boats.

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Simple and Affordable Pricing


Building A

10' x 10'

$99 / month

12' x 20'

$180 / month

12' x 25'

$225 / month

12' x 30'

$270 / month

12' x 35'

$315 / month

12' x 40'

$360 / month

Building B

10' x 10'

$99 / month

14' x 24.4'

$220 / month

14' x 29'

$261 / month

14' x 33.5'

$302 / month

Building C

14' x 19'

$171 / month

14' x 38.6'

$347 / month

16 Foot Tall Storage Units

Toy Locker, LLC offers 16 foot tall storage units, perfect for storing Boats, RV's, etc. that you will have access to all year round. Don't miss out on your chance to reserve your unit today! Please contact us for further information.

Structural Steel

The Toy Locker, LLC's buildings are framed and roofed with industrial grade metal ensuring safety of unit contents. They also feature a weather tight seal.

Heavy Duty Foundation

The foundations of Toy Locker, LLC's buildings were poured with high grade material, allowing for maximum weight capacity.

Expansive Dimensions

The inside of units have 14ft wide bays with 16ft high ceilings! Our unit layout dimensions can also be customized to accommodate specific needs.

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Tallest Storage Units

At Toy Locker, LLC, we have allocated ample space to ensure ease of access with high bay commercial doors and the tallest personal storage units in New Hampshire.

Safe and Secure

Our facility allows for our tenant's equipment to remain indoors and out of the weather. These sixteen foot tall storage units are perfect for storing Boats, RV's, or any other toy you need stored securely.

Convenient and Customizable

Located right off Route 16, we have various units of differing lengths and widths. Call 978-375-7001 today for more information!

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